Helpful Articles from Around the Web

The purpose of this page is to highlight articles from around the tech world that I have found helpful.

Introduction to Zotero – Ryan Vasut (ὑπομνήματα)

If you are not using Zotero when writing papers then I hope your reason is from ignorance. Zotero is a life saver when he comes to collecting resources when researching and putting together footnotes/bibliography while writing. Best of all it is FREE!

Ryan Vasut, the associate librarian at the SBTS Library, is a Zotero wizard. He knows all the ins and outs of the program and has written a helpful introduction for getting started in Zotero.

Print to PDF Trick (Mac) – David Sparks (MacSparky)

This little trick is extremely useful on the Mac. It gives you a quick keyboard shortcut for saving anything as a PDF. I use it all the time.

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to Launch Center Pro – Alex Guyot (MacStories)

A thorough and complete guide to one of my favorite apps for getting things done on the iPad and iPhone. Check out the app here. Also take a look at my shortcuts for getting to specific resources and searching texts in Logos Bible Software here.

Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to URL Schemes and Drafts Actions – Alex Guyot (MacStories)

Similar to Launch Center Pro Drafts is a great app for getting thoughts from your head to your phone as quickly as possible. Once you have written down what you wanted then you decide where to send the text. I find this app extremely valuable. One of the best features is being able to create notes in Evernote quickly (you can also send to specific notebooks with the click of a button). I also created a short video on using Drafts and Evernote and you can find my post on integrating the two here. Lifehacker also has a helpful article.

The Case for Writing in Markdown – Hilton Lipschitz (The Hiltmon)

Anything that I write on this website begins in Markdown. I also take most of my research and school notes in Markdown (or LaTex). For information on the specific syntax and impetus behind Markdown see the creator’s page here. A second iteration called MultiMarkdown allows you to do a little bit more with the text such as implementing table. You can find more information on MultiMarkdown here. My app of choice for writing in Markdown (or MultiMarkdown) is Byword.