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Doug Moo Lectures on James

Doug Moo, who wrote the excellent commentary on James in the Pillar series, a while ago taught on the book at the Master’s Seminary. I’ve listened to the first lecture and in typical Moo style he is clear and helpful regarding the introductor matters of James. I imagine the rest of the lectures to be just as good.

You can find the lectures here.

Logos Bible Software Resources for Sale

I am selling several of my resources for Logos Bible Software. I’ll keep this list updated until all have been sold. Use the form below to contact me. 

Buy $100-149 = 10% off total price
Buy $150-199 = 15% off total price
Buy $200+ = 20% off total price

Note: Logos requires the buyer to pay a $20 license transfer fee. You only pay this once, whether you buy one or all of these items.

Title Author Academic Pricing Selling
Logos 6: Silver Logos 799.99 $750
The New Testament and the People of God NT Wright 25.99 $20
Jesus and the Victory of God NT Wright 29.80 $20
Suprised by Hope NT Wright 17.85 $10
Lewis and Short’s Latin Dictionary 104.95 $60
Dictionary of Major Bible Interpreters IVP 34.95 $10
John MacArthur Essential Bible Study Library John MacArthur No longer available $40
Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Greg Beale, ed 59.99 $35
BDAG/HALOT Bundle Multiple 248.95 $200
IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament Bundle (Historical Books & Pentateuch) IVP 69.95 $45
IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament Bundle (Prophets & Wisdom, Poetry, and Writings) IVP 71.95 $45
Introducing Biblical Hebrew Allen Ross 49.99 $25
Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ) Multiple 130.75 $80
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics Daniel Wallace 39.95 $15
Grammar of the Greek New Testament A.T. Robertson 59.95 $35
Intermediate New Testament Greek: A Linguistic and Exegetical Approach Richard Young 21.99 $10
Southern Baptist Journal of Theology (11 vols.) Multiple 34.95 $15
Christian Theology, 2nd ed. Millard Erickson 29.99 $5
Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Bible Doctrine Wayne Grudem 30.95 $10
New Bible Commentary D.A. Carson ed. 39.95 $15
The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story Craig Bartholomew 19.95 $10
The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts? Greg Beale ed. 36.00 $10
Old Testament Theology Paul House 28.00 $10
New Testament Theology: Magnifying God in Christ Thomas Schreiner 44.99 $20
Orthodoxy CK Chesterton 12.08 $5
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society Multiple 104.95 $70
ESV Bible Study Notes Multiple 29.95 $10
An Introduction to the New Testament Carson and Moo 31.99 $15

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