Online Learning

Helpful Resources for Teaching Online:

  1. Kristen Ferguson’s PPT
  2. Brian Renshaw’s Outline
  3. Resources from SBTS Online: This zip drive contains resources we have created in order to assist faculty here.
  4. Online Learning Consortium: This group provides helpful resources for distance education. It is the organization for online learning.
  5. Using Tablet Technology to Enhance Language Learning: The online learning office at SBTS won an award for innovation in teaching a language online.
  6. Objective Builder: This helpful tool from UCF aids you in building quality objectives by following the most updated version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  7. Metamorfosi: When Graduate Students Become Online Instructors: A handy guide to getting started teaching online. This “mini-course” is four short units guiding you through the process.
  8. Cincinnati State Distance Learning: Other schools is a great place to find resources for online.
  9. 15 Strategies for Engaging Online Students: A special report from Cincinnati.
  10. Student Engagement in the Online Classroom: A helpful article from the Chronicle of Higher Ed.
  11. Online Discussions that Work: A helpful article for creating effective discussion boards. Their blog produces good content and might be worth a follow.
  12. Pinboard tagged Online Learning: Brian Renshaw uses the social bookmarking site, Pinboard, to keep track of all things on the internet. This will link you to his links he has tagged: onlinelearning.
  13. Brian Renshaw’s blog Brian also has a blog with some posts on online education.
  14. Delamarter, Steve. “Theological Educators and Their Concerns about Technology.” Teaching Theology & Religion 8, no. 3 (July 2005): 131–43. doi:10.1111/j.1467–9647.2005.00237.x.
  15. Delamarter, Steve, and Daniel L. Brunner. “Theological Education and Hybrid Models of Distance Learning.” Theological Education 40, no. 2 (January 1, 2005): 145–61.
  16. Tracking Online Education in the United States: A recent report on this topic.
  17. Book: Assessing the Online Learner: Resources and Strategies for Faculty
  18. Book: Best Practices for Online Education: A Guide for Christian Higher Education