Evernote for Academics has moved to my new site, Techademic.

A Little Bit About Techademic

For awhile now I’ve been wanting to create a site that intersects two of my interests: technology and productivity. I love the ways that technology provides opportunities to become more efficient and powerful in our everyday lives. But just because technology is getting better and better that doesn’t necessarily mean it actually makes us more efficient at what we actually do. Take Evernote for example. This is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly capture documents and notes, search PDFs, notes, and images, set reminders on documents, and it is available on almost every device out there. One of the biggest concerns that I hear from people is that they don’t even know where to begin. The app is so open and can conform to your own personal workflow but it becomes paralyzing to even get started. Then there are many times where you might not even know that options even exist. Many don’t realize that on the Mac you can quickly add and change keyboard shortcuts system wide and for individual apps. So when using ZoteroI have set up specific and easier to use keyboard shortcuts for adding citations in my Microsoft Word document. 

The internet provides a plethora of resources. But just doing a Google search for a solution doesn’t mean that the best solution is the one that shows up at the top of the search results. My hope with this site is to provide tips and tricks on Mac/iOS, guides on using different apps, workflows, and more. I want Techademic to be a site where you can come to for helpful and trustworthy resources. 

So why the name Techademic? Well, the first part should be obvious—I want to provide a site specifically dedicated to technology. But I am also a student so many of these posts can be used more widely it will particularly have an academic focus to them.

I would love to hear from you so if you have any questions or comments please contact me via TwitterFacebook, or the contact page.