Summer Reading List from the SBTS Library

The library at Southern Seminary has put together a helpful "summer reading list" that is broken down into several categories:

  1. Old Testament/Biblical Students (Brian Davidson)
  2. New Testament/Interpretation (Ryan Vasut)
  3. New Testament II (Michael Graham)
  4. Theology (Kevin Hall)
  5. Early Christian Literature (Shawn Wilhite)
  6. Evangelism (Jeff Strickland)
  7. Church History (Ivan Mesa)
  8. Worship (Chris Wells)
  9. Fiction (Ivan Mesa)
  10. Fiction II (Ryan Vasut)

Regarding the list they say:

As you consider these titles, there are a few things to note. None of these lists are created for particular classes, nor will you receive any consolation prize for reading them all. Also, these are not ‘top 10’ lists or in a particular order. Finally, no list necessarily reflects the doctrinal stance of Southern Seminary or the person who submitted it. These are merely works we have found to be intellectually stimulating for academic and personal growth.

Download the PDF of the list.